Getting Started

The Best Time to Start Was Yesterday. The Next Best Time Is Now.

Getting started with CrossFit 760 is easy.

We make it fun to begin CrossFit by offering Free Saturday classes or 1:1 coaching sessions.

Training beforehand is completely unnecessary! Come as you are and let us help you restart or get started on your fitness journey.

CrossFit 760 is unlike any gym or fitness club you’ve ever visited, mainly because of the absolute commitment we show members just like you. We will never put you through a fleeting workout craze or preach the latest fad diet. Our program is based off of measurable progress and is constantly evolving to guarantee results for every person who trains with us.

Regardless of your fitness goals and your exposure to CrossFit or other athletic pursuit, if you work out with CrossFit 760 you’ll experience the high quality, effective fitness training you’re looking for.


“It only took me one class to get hooked, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot. Push all the excuses aside! Age is just a number: I'm 22 and you better believe there are people in their 40s, 50s who are stronger and faster than me. Have no athletic background? Doesn't matter! CrossFit 760 will build you from the ground up starting with the basics! Just do it, and you won't regret it :)” – Katharine P.

First things first, you have to take action and get here!

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