Camp 760

Our Most Transformative Program Yet

If you could drastically improve your overall wellness in just 30 days, would you?

We’ve crafted this new, unique program for motivated individuals who are willing to work tirelessly towards changing their lives for the betterment of themselves, their families and their team – in just 30 days.

Our all-inclusive immersive camp delivers a fitness that is tailored to each individual’s needs and abilities. Camp 760 increases physical, and mental fitness, while constantly focusing on nutrition so campers can implement all three into a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. By the time campers are through their 30 days, they have accomplished what takes others months or even years to do.

Camp 760 Can Change Your Life

Physical Fitness

Camp 760 utilizes the CrossFit methodology and application of constantly varied, high intensity functional movement to increase work capacity. Campers adhere to a strict physical fitness regimen with access to state of the art CrossFit facilities, equipment and trainers.

Mental Fitness

Camp 760 develops the “I can, I will, I did” mantra in all campers. Camp 760 facilitates breakthroughs of mental barriers to take campers past their perceived limitations. Campers are not only instructed on strategies and methods to increase their mental fitness, they implement these tactics and techniques daily at Camp 760.


Nutrition is the foundation of Camp 760. Camp 760 will provide all meals and snacks for the duration of the camp. Campers will be instructed and shown how to shop, cook, and prepare food for themselves and their families. Camp 760 will utilize the zone prescription in line with Dr. Berry Sears

How to Know If Camp 760 Is Right for You:

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